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Nerius Vaitkus art painter Lithuania contemporaty art

About Nerius Vaitkus

My paintings represent nostalgia and the vibrancy of colors and gives you the ability to see and feel the world in your own way. That is exactly what I want to tell and show people. Realization of my thoughts, moods, colors, and decisions - That’s the Art of my life.

"N. Vaitkus' paintings are bright, noticeable, perhaps because in his paintings the artist seems to hang the passer's square, and hangs in such a way that he wants to stop and SEE. What is in them and what does it all say. Abstract strokes of color, minimal figurative open a rich world of painting, in which colors, shapes, textures and, most importantly, proportions create a unique environment, a world in which the artist himself reflects and invites us to think: Why am I here?"

Poet Enrika Striogaite

Nerius Vaitkus Artis - Painter Contemporary Art
Nerius Vaitkus Artis - Painter Contemporary Art 5

Every artist creates his own unique abstract thinking, vision, visual language and its own colors...

New paintings

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Timeline of Nerius Art

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