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About artist - painter
Nerius Vaitkus

I am an artist - painter based in Lithuania whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and in Germany. I describe my imagery as not being metaphoric, it is the visualization of the thought process through my visual language and colors, which leads to the deeper layers of myself. My distinctive abstractions are most often created with oils, acrylics, pastels, and collage.

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Story of Nerius' 

I was born in the late 60s' in Kaunas, Lithuania. I graduated from the University of Siauliai, the faculty of arts.

A few years after the studies I spent working with stained glass. Later on, life led me to the world of business, however, the painting was always in my mind as my biggest passion.

That’s why after a gap of many years, I finally got back to it and started presenting my first artworks.

I paint ordinary things, buildings, places, abstract, expressive..., but from a different perspective and view angle. The paintings represent nostalgia and the vibrancy of colors gives you the ability to see and feel the world in your own way. That is exactly what I want to tell and show people.

Realization of my thoughts, moods, colors, and decisions - That’s the Art of my life.

Explore my art paintings in the Gallery.

"There is more variety in search and discovery on canvas, in terms of “who I am,” “who you are,” what our relationship is with each other and with the environment. The combination of abstract pictorial language and a subjective, somewhat surreal narrative creates a unique world of Vaitkus, in which more spacious possibilities of inner experiences open up. For the viewer experience as well."

Art Critic Violeta Krištopaitytė-Jocienė

Nerius Vaitkus art-painter contemporaray art

Human life is a collage glued together from the nuances of different colors.


2024.05.01.- 2024.05.30 Personal Exhibition "Emotional reflectors", at Kaunas District Municipality Public Library

2024.02.06 - 2024.04.07 Group Art Exhibition "Galvos, Kaukės Maskaronai at Energy and Technology Museum, Vilnius

2024.02.02 - 2024.02.29 Personal Exhibition "Variations of dreams at Druskininkai City Gallery

2023.12.08 - 2024.01.20 Personal Exhibition "Variations of dreams" at Kulautuva Resort Town Library

2023.09.25 - 2023.10.22 Personal Exhibition "Variations of dreams" at Kaunas State Philharmonic Society

2023.06 - 2023.09 Personal Exhibition "All in One" at ACMEGRUPĖ" office, Vilnius

2023.04 - 2023.06 Group Art Exhibition "Collection" at Business Park "Aušra", Kaunas

2022.12.09 - 2023.01.11 Group Art Exhibition " Meeting" at PARKO Art Gallery, Kaunas

2022.09.01 - 2023.09-01 Personal Exhibition "The limits of Humanity" Private Gallery "Artwork framing workshop", Kaunas

2022.05.01 - 2022.06.30 Group Art Exhibition "+30 Emotionen", Galerie Hobeck, Leitzkau, Germany

2021.11-12 Personal Exhibition "Why I am here?"

2021.06-07 Personal Exhibition "Mirages of Reality"

​​2020.09-10 Personal Exhibition "Behind the Scenes of Color"

2020.06-08 Exhibition in Kaunas County Public Library "Life after Life"

2020.02-03 Group exhibition to celebrate Independence Day - "Atgimimas", Kaunas

2020.01-02 The best of 2019 election of a work, Kaunas

2019.12-20.02 Personal painting exhibition "Imagination installations" in Gelgaudiškis manor house

2019.09 Group exhibition at Galerieka Gallery in Hamburg, Germany

2019.01-02 Exhibition “The Best of 2018. election of the work ”, Kaunas

2020.01-2021.07 Press Articles

Want to talk?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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