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Name of a Painting

Full moon dreams

Artist - Painter

Nerius Vaitkus

Description of a Painting

The nights are dreamless or filled with images that reflect our experiences, sometimes turning into full moon hallucinations that rush from familiar and unrecognizable forms. Those who are smiling, hiding their thoughts behind strangely pursed lips. Yours and a stranger. You try to get rid of them, you wake yourself up and at the same time you want to prolong the dream. Just a different one. Savita, who would predict the upcoming event and float past states from the subconscious.
It's as simple as that... No, it's really difficult to guess the meaning of a dream that disappeared in an instant.

Year of a Painting

January 2023

Painting technique, size

Acrylic, mix media, canvas, 130 x 150 cm

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